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What do all those seemingly random letters on a Fuji lens mean? I’ll guide you through all the important abbreviations and acronyms. Alphabetically of course!


This stands for “Optical Image Stabilization.” A lens that has OIS increases your chances of shooting sharp pictures at slow shutter speeds. OIS can also provide a smoother, less-jerky image if you are shooting video.


A lens with a designation of “R” has an aperture ring, which is one of the coolest (and old school) features of a contemporary Fuji lens. The aperture on most new lenses from other companies must be controlled electronically from the camera itself. 


This means that the lens is “weather resistant.” The lens is made with seals that make it essentially dust and splash proof, as well as pretty insulated from colder temperatures. WR lenses aren’t invincible though, so don’t toss it into a volcano or go swimming with one.


XC designates a consumer or budget class of lens for Fuji’s X-series cameras. An XC lens is less well made than an XF lens. The XF line has a plastic barrel, lacks an aperture ring, and usually features a slower and/or variable aperture.  


XF lenses are Fuji’s highest quality lenses for the X-series cameras. They are usually built with metal barrels and often feature aperture rings. Many of the lenses have fast apertures, and some are weather resistant.

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