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I shot my one and only roll of Natura 1600 in 2016, two years before Fuji discontinued the film, and thus two years before the price went up to about $50 a roll. The cost will only increase even more, so I doubt I’ll get a chance with it again, which is a bummer because I adored its rendering of neon lighting at night. These shots are from Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood—arty, nocturnal, post-quarter-life angsty. I loved it sometimes.

Some sin happened here too. I ended up using part of the roll during a bright and sunny day. Booze and a moose-themed bar and a spontaneous going-away celebration were to blame. To be fair, the cavernous bar did benefit from the Natura’s speed, but a less-exotic 800 or 400 ISO would have done just fine. Even here, the Fuji colors are intoxicating. Like the beer.

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