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These two items improve the feel and function of the X-Pro2, an already excellent ergonomic camera (at least for me) but one which is just small enough to present possible problems for shooters with average- to large-sized hands.

First up is Lensmate’s folding thumb rest, a useful sliver of metal that lets you get and keep a better grip on the camera. The design allows for good access to the exposure comp and rear command dials, and it also flips out of the way so that you can access them completely. 

Lensmate has been making thumb rests for Fuji cameras since the X100, and for that camera and its newer iterations, it feels like an indispensable purchase, especially if you are a street shooter. You can ditch your strap and comfortably hold such a light and stealthy camera all day in one hand. Shooting from the hip is quick and easy because your hand is nearly in that position as you carry the camera around.

For the X-Pro2 though, I haven’t loved the thumb rest as much. It feels just a tad too short for my hand. Ideally, it would extend a bit over the exposure comp dial…but then of course you’d have trouble adjusting exposure comp—a deal breaker for many shooters using any of the auto-modes.

What has worked better for me is Fuji’s own hand grip, the forgettably named MHG-XPRO2

It’s made of a light-weight metal that makes the camera’s own grip chunkier. Like with my old X100 and the thumb rest, I can ditch the strap and walk around all day long with the camera in one hand. Also, the camera’s battery compartment remains accessible while the grip is attached, so no need to ever really remove it if you like using one.

The grip does cost a hefty $110, but it is also an Arca-type mounting plate for your tripod, so that for me is a pretty good deal in the long run.

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