In 2011, I shot a tour of the LA Freewalls Project—a series of incredible street murals around downtown LA. The brainchild of LALA Gallery owner Dan Lahoda, the Freewalls were created by some of the biggest street artists working at the time and some talented up-and-comers who have since made names for themselves. The pics below include examples from Augustine Kofie, Carl Rauschenbach, CRAOLA, D*Face, DABSMYLA, How and Nosm, JR, Kid Zoom, Lady Aiko, ROA, SABER, Shepard Fairey, and ThankYouX.

Each artist contributed unique and excellent work to the project, but my favs to this day are the delicate but powerful wheatpaste pieces from Swoon and the playful paste-ups of Becca.

Gig Notes. I used my first seriously legit DSLR, a Canon 7D. I had only one lens with me, a Tokina 35mm macro, and while it was great for detail and texture shots of the murals, the focal length was a nightmare for wides and environmentals. I would have given mucho at the time to have had any sort of cheap-ass wide-angle lens with me. The Tokina also focuses quite slowly because it’s pushing a fairly good amount of glass, so I ended up going manual for the entire shoot. In a more perfect world, I would have used a full-frame camera and a lens like Canon’s 17-40mm f/4.



ThankYouX and SABER



DABSMYLA and Carl Rauschenbach


Augustine Kofie and Lady Aiko

Kid Zoom


Shepard Fairey

DABSMYLA collaboration with How and Nosm

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