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I’ve always much preferred taking photos than actually sitting down to edit them (even though editing is where at least 50% of the magic happens), so I want to be as efficient as possible in Lightroom. Here are the shortcut keys that help me get in and out quickly.

Single Keys

CSwitches to the compare view in the Library module.
DSwitches to the Develop module.
GSwitches to the grid view in the Library module. You can use this key to return to the Library even if you are in the Develop module.
IShows info about the photo. It can cycle between two sets of information: the first set shows the date the photo was taken and the photo’s dimensions; the second set lists shutter, aperture, and ISO values along with focal length and the lens used.
JTurns on warning for highlight/shadow clipping.
PFlags photo as a pick.
URemoves the flag from a photo.
VConverts the image to black and white. Hit it again to return to color. It’s a great way to see if the selected image will work in black and white before you fully process it. This shortcut can be used in the Library and Develop modules.
ZZooms in 1:1 on the photo or zooms out to fit the viewing area.
0-51-5 adds a corresponding star rating to a photo. 0 removes the stars.
Up/down arrowsIn the Develop module, the up and down arrows change sliders in small increments.
Right/left arrowsSelect the next or the previous photo in the Filmstrip.

Two-Key Combos

command + ‘Creates a virtual copy of the selected photo.
command + ZUndoes the last edit.

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